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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

US Workers Get Mexican Healthcare

According to this recent story workers in the US are seeking medical services just across the border. The prohibitively high price of care is driving them away from home-grown providers. As many as 160,000 people are crossing the border every year for examinations, tests, drugs and treatments.

Sensing an opportunity, US insurers are covering services provided in Mexico. According to NPR long waits at HMO clinics are also a factor. They quoted a young woman who said she'd had to wait more than a month for routine care at her HMO. In Mexico, she was helped right away.

A few individuals raised concerns about the quality of care. The Mexican doctors treating people in the less affluent neighborhoods do not usually expect to see their patients ever again. They might not have many incentives to furnish quality care.

It's not surprising that a dysfunctional health care system drives people to seek care in a third world county. What's surprising is how few in the "greatest" nation on earth seem to care.